Maximizing Your Resources - Building Effective FRC Robots With What Ya Got!

FRC Mechanical FTC
Want to learn more about how to squeeze every ounce of competitiveness out of every kind of building environment, from working in a garage to a full-fledged machine shop? This presentation focuses on how to leverage all of the building tools at your disposal to create effective robots that fits your team's goals. This presentation is focused on FRC robot building practices, but lessons learned here can be applied to FTC robots built with some level of custom-machined components.

We'll dive into some success stories, talk about resource management, effective use of COTS parts, and hopefully I won't ramble too much.


Nick Lawrence

AndyMark Mechanical Systems Designer
FRC 3940 CyberTooth Drive Coach, Lead Engineer
Former Strategy Mentor for FRC 610, 5406
Alumni of FRC 1503